How to deal with the death of your parents?

One thing is inevitable, and that is the fact that we are all going to die. Life consists of good and bad moments but in general, it is a blessing to be alive and that we got the chance to live. Like all good things, this also has to come to the end. The natural order of things is that parents will get to the old age and die before us. When it happens it should be peaceful and we should all celebrate their life and the fact that they lived so many years. We are all well aware of those facts but once we found ourselves in that situation we don’t know how we are going to react.

It is OK to be sad

If our parents are lucky enough, they will grow old and leave this world in the silence, without suffer and pain. We should be there for them in the last moments because that is when they will need us to most. We should not be sad, we should be proud and be kind to them as they gave us life but sadness will come and it is totally OK to have that feeling. We should embrace the sadness as the normal thing and deal with it straight away, the worst thing possible is to ignore it because it will hunt us and get to us later.

Don’t blame yourself

You are probably going to ask yourself, is there anything I could do more or blame yourself for some old arguments, fights, and missed moments. Don’t blame yourself; it’s all normal and part of life. Dying is normal and part of the order of things in nature and you cannot do anything about it. Death is imminent and we can’t run away from it. Everyone had a bad moment and argued with loved ones, your parents are not going to be mad at you for that, they love you no matter what and want you to continue with life.

Grieving is a process

Sadness will come and go, and grieving is a healthy process that helps you to heal your soul. If it is too hard for you, talk to someone or ask for help, it is OK to need help. Sadness will return from time to time, but you will find a way to live with it.