Importance of material wealth

There are very few people who have not wondered, at least once in their life, what would they do if they end up having seriously big money? How would that affect their life and life of their family and friends? The fact is, we all want to live care-free and enjoy life, so we cannot claim that money is not an essential thing in our life. We can afford some personal pleasures, have more free time and extra hobbies, or buy our kids more stuff and make sure they do not miss a thing.

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Inheritance: how does it affect you and the family?

Inheritance can be a very delicate subject. First of all, you are going through a difficult moment of ‘saying goodbye’ to your loved ones and it is a hard and emotional moment for everyone. You are in the process of remorse and it takes time to overcome the sadness. But when a member of your family passes away there are things that need to be sorted out. Usually, they left behind the material things that need to be shared with next in kind. The most common sample is when the last remaining parent dies and children need to split whatever is left after them. Parents can write a will and take care of that before they pass away and that document is clear, each successor gets is written in the will. Otherwise, the property is shared according to the law, and it is a normal process if there are no disagreements among successors.

There are many cases of people getting crazy wealth after their ancestors or family member pass away, and even though it sounds weird but it is hard to handle that huge change in life. They are experiencing so many emotional changes and they need to handle the wealth that they are not used to. It does sound weird since getting financial security is something that we are all looking for but there are so many examples of people who failed in life and got miserable after they got suddenly rich. Best examples are lottery winners and we can find many similarities between lottery winners and those who inherited huge wealth.

Is wealth really a recipe for happiness?

There are plenty of cases where people have won a big amount of money, and they ended up being poor, unhappy or even committed suicide, like the case Callie Rodgers that was only 16 when she won 3 million dollars, bought several houses, went on a luxury trip. Six years later, she was totally broke and even attempted suicide twice.

The fact is that most of the people in the world live very average, and only 2 percent of humanity belongs to the elite. You might think this is a very small percentage, but the fact is, if you have a roof over your head, food and water, and some more money on the side, you are, although not even aware of it, rich man! This is certainly due to the fact that there are huge poverty, unemployment and the decline of the economy in some countries; just imagine a country where unemployment is 95 percent and inflation exceeds 8 percent, such as in Zimbabwe. The vast majority is tired of the average way of life and trying hard to survive from today to tomorrow.

In some life period, we all want to change our jobs or just quit and do something we really like, have all the free time for ourselves, travel the world, have a big house with a pool, an apartment or a new car, or even perform aesthetic surgery.

Imagine that in a series of lottery tickets that only wasted your money, you really get a winning one and all of a sudden you become a millionaire! How would you react and what would you do first? We want you to act smart and careful, so here are some important things you should do.


Let s face it. You have never been rich before and you don’t know how to act, what to do first and who to tell. If you don t know how to handle big money, your financial expert will help you in that process, but of course, the person u choose should be well educated and trustful. It’s not a shame if you consult with a psychologist: getting big money, which is a great shock, can also be very stressful and confusing.

You can start doubting people, have an argument with your closest family, neighbors, and friends, or even be threatened or robbed. It is a sad fact that money can split some strong bonds among the family, so there are plenty of cases where people ended up being broke, divorced, or even committed suicide.


What’s your goal? How do you want to be recognized? What’s your life purpose? If you don t have it, there is a big chance your fortune brings you more tears and fears instead of joy. Recognize what are true values of life and find your sources of happiness and strive to live up to those standards. Don’t let the money affect you negatively; don’t chase wrong ideals because it’s a dead-end road.


This is a very important thing, so give yourself some time and wait for some quality and smart idea. Return on investment must ensure that your current and priority desires are fulfilled, just like your needs in the future. Investing money in various financial instruments and investment categories not only can give you returns but it keeps the money away from the bad things and can occupy you to do quality things. Be productive and continue to work on your investments and you can develop within a new situation.


How much you give: it comes back to you. So when you donate part of your money, you open the door to more and the universe will establish a constant inflow of your money. It may not come back in the form of money but in some other form such as a gift or something else that you need. Many rich people use their power and money to call attention to the serious problems of humanity, whether is it poverty, pollution, illness or social problems.